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Time Session Place
11th, June 09:00-11:45
Opening Ceremony , Main Forum
Jinghang Convention Center , Jinghang Hall
Interactive Experience Area (Citizens Day)
to be determined
11th, June 14:00-17:00
Sub-forum: Green Communications
Jinghang Convention Center , Suez Hall
Sub-forum: Green Building
Jinghang Convention Center , Panama Hall
Sub-forum: Green office
Jinghang Convention Center, Albert Hall
Sub-forum: Green Textile
Jinghang Convention Center, Moscow Hall
Sub-forum: Green Home Appliances
Jinghang Convention Center , kiel Hall
Sub-forum: Green Transportation
Jinghang Convention Center , Corinth Hall
Sub-forum: Green Design Young Leaders
Yangzhou Design Valley/ Meeting Room of Crowne Plaza
12th , June 09:00-11:00
World Green Design Products Award Ceremony
Yangzhou TV Station Studio Center/ Five-Star Hotel, Dinner Hall
 12th , June 13:00-17:00
Business Activities
Jinghang Convention Center , Square
Matchmaking Meetings and Visiting
Companies from Yangzhou
 13th, June Morning
“Yanghzou Green Design” Visiting
Route to be determined
13th, June Afternoon
Route to be determined