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As stated in the report of the 18th CPC National Congress, China will remain committed to the path of green, circular and low-carbon development. China should preserve its geographical space and improve the country’s industrial structure, way of production and life style in the interest of conserving resources and protecting the environment. China should address the root cause of deterioration of the ecological environment so as to reverse this trend, and create a sound working and living environment for the people. Against this backdrop, Green design is of crucial importance in the cause of China’s green development.

In 2010, under the support and guidance of Yongxiang, Lu, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress and the former President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the preparation works of the World Green Design Forum initiated officially. In October 2010, Sylvie, Director of the UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics and Dinghuan Shi, Counselor of the State Council met officially to discuss key issues concerning the Forum. In March 2011, Giorgio Giudici, Mayor of Lugano, invited the Forum to Lugano and Lugano became the host city of the first World Green Forum. In May, Nirj Deva, Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament’s Development Committee, announced that he would take up the co-chairman post of the Forum. On September 9th, the first World Green Forum was held in Lugano, the third largest financial center of Switzerland. In March 2012, Deva invited the Forum to take place at the European Parliament Building in Brussels. On October 12th, the second World Green Design Forum raised its curtain, and hundreds of political leaders, designers, business leaders, and financial experts attended the Forum and the award ceremony. The Forum received great support from the Chinese mission to the European Union, the Chinese embassy in Belgium, and the Europe Headquarters of Xinhua News Agency of China. In January 2013, the initiating organizations came to the decision that the Forum is to be held twice in Europe and China respectively every year.