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Environmental issues has become a global topic. Governments have introduced a series of policies aimed at addressing energy consumption, environmental degradation, and many affect human survival and development of increasingly serious challenges. Many other factors that affect the human environment, automotive, construction, communications, home appliances, office equipment, production, use and waste account for a large proportion. It can be said that the entire life cycle of these products affect human living environment. Therefore, the design and production of a greener automotive, construction, communications, home appliances, office equipment will greatly improve and protect the the increasingly fragile ecological environment, a greater degree of conservation of resources, and reduce emissions.

The support and guidance of the Chinese National People's Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Yongxiang, the Forum and the contribution of the World Green Design Award Presentation on September 9, 2011, after two years of argument and preparation successfully held in the third-largest financial center in Switzerland - Lugano.

Forum has been the strong support of the United Nations Environment Programme, China's Xinhua News Agency, the Environment and Energy Association, the City of Lugano, Switzerland, the United Kingdom Chartered Society of Designers and other international organizations in the law, and government agencies, designed by the International Federation, Switzerland QSC Foundation Guanghua Design Foundation, the EU-China Friendship Association and the Chinese famous brand "magazine co-sponsored, create green products, green consumer protection green earth" as the theme of "green design; including World Green Design Forum, Green Design International Contribution Award awards and Central Europe, green design, green technology projects exchanges. Forum President by the counselor of the State Council of China, the China Renewable Energy Society, Shi Dinghuan as WWF's Global Ambassador, United Nations Environment Programme, the International Goodwill Ambassador, WWF "Earth Hour Global Ambassador and international film star Li Bingbing, Germany Steinbeis Engineering Professor Florin Ionescu, technical experts, China's first industrial the design listed company Echom chairman of Xian combustion promoters of this public service activities.

Lugano time 8:38, the opening of the Forum, Nirj Deva, Member of the European Parliament, the EU-China Friendship Association Chairman, former chief economist of the Ministry of Housing and Urban China Building Decoration Association Director General, senior officials of the European Parliament, the European Luigi Mazza, Senior Advisor of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, the United Nations Environment Programme officials Garette Clark, the World Intellectual Property Organization officials Marina Foschi, vice chairman of the Federation of International Design Frank Peters, Mayor of Lugano Giorgio Giudici, president of SAP Global Institute for Sustainable Development the Carlo Bvoli and government representatives, representatives of entrepreneurs, designers and representatives of nearly a hundred people attended the forum.

Mr Nirj Deva, Giorgio Giudici mayor, Shi Dinghuan counselor delivered a passionate speech, to give full recognition and support activities, looking forward to the Forum to design means of contribution to the global green development forces. The link in the forum, the Director General, President, Garette Clark, a keynote address on Chinese practice of building energy efficiency, the United Nations Environment Programme to develop the concept of sustainable consumption and policy, China Green Index, green energy and world security issues. From the Chartered Society of Designers, the representative of the Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Science and Technology Laboratory, Echom Technologies AG, China's famous magazine, SAP and other institutions to do the speech, covering green design talent Case of green design, green brand construction and other aspects.

Forum announced the 2011 Green Design International Contribution Award winners, president of SAP China, Hera, general manager of TEDA stake Wushu Tong, Vanke Wang Shi, Cal-Comp Electronics Rock Hsu, 20, Philips, BMW, Changhong, Founder, OCT 40, obtained Year Award.

The green design international evaluation standards seminar held in the same period, representatives from WIPO and Central Europe more than 10 professional organizations on the development of release affect the direction of the global consumer and environmental protection - "green design international evaluation standards" discussion.

Wuxi City, China, Dalian City, and the French delegation on each of the park's design a wonderful project promotion.

Green Design Forum in the world want green design, green technology, green materials, green production, green energy way to start using the power of the media to influence social attitudes, public exercise of "consumer choice" affect producers, the effect of responsible entrepreneurs, the future, the sky bluer, the water clearer. This pure civil environmental public action is bound to become an important milestone to promote the development of international environmental protection.