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  • 2019 World Green Design Forum Brussels Summit
    Press release | 2019-07-16

    World Green Design Forum Brussels Summit

  • 2016 World Green Design Grand Award Leads Positive...
    Press release | 2016-06-04

    2016 World Green Design

  • 2015 World Green design contribution award ceremon...
    Press release | 2015-11-11

    The 2015 World Green Design Contribution Award C...

  • About WGDO

    World Green Design Organization (WGDO) was founded in Brussels, Belgium, in September 2013. It is the first non-profit international organization to promote the development of green design throughout the world.

    WGDO is aimed to advocate and broadcast the idea of “Green Design” on a global scale, by means of “green design”, to lead the change of mode of production, consumption and life, the transformation of consumption patterns, and implement the integration and mutualism between human and nature. WGDO promotes the communication and cooperation of information, technology, materials, projects, capital and talents by running various forms of activities, such as the world green design forum in China, the European forum, the world green design expo and the election of world green design product award/ the world green design contribution award, release the “world green design reports”, etc........

    2016 World Green Design Forum Yangzhou Summit

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